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Terms & Privacy prides itself on building a valuable community for LSU fans across the country. This includes the sharing of all different kinds of information, opinions and material.

Please keep the site’s best interest in mind when commenting on forum posts and interacting with strangers on message boards. Everyone knows what crosses the line and what is acceptable.

By joining, please be aware of the following information as a user:

User Do’s and Don’ts

  • Although unlikely to happen, can and will revoke posting privileges.
  • Posts will not be deleted unless they’re so ridiculous they have to come down.
  • Make insightful contributions — don’t comment worthless stuff nobody cares about.
  • Personal attacks or threats on message boards will not be tolerated.
  • If you order one of our t-shirts, there will be no returns/cancelations. will never disclose the information of its users. However, we may include users in newsletters and updates based on the information they’ve provided us.

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