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What brands are consistently high quality?

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Not only high-end fashion houses, but also low-cost brands. What brands can you buy without worrying about getting something of poor quality?

I've been slowly but steadily revamping my wardrobe and discovered that my go-to dresses for numerous wears were all from Reformation; I've never been a fan of their shirts and have never tried their trousers, but I've never bought a terrible dress from them.

The most loved item of the Lil Peep Merchandise Collection are this California Girls Sweatpants

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No doubt high-end fashion brands provide premium quality stuff but they are very expensive and you can find similar quality products in local brands' outlets or online stores at a more affordable price, so instead of spending thousands of dollars on a single dress, I always prefer local brands like CoolWick, Wolverine, and lots more.

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